ERS Lifetime Achievement Assembly Awards 2015

6.1. Laurent Brochard 6.2. Mario Cazzola 6.3. Marc Woodhead

Laurent Brochard

ERS Respiratory Intensive Care Assembly

Mario Cazzola

ERS Airway Diseases Assembly              

Mark Woodhead

ERS Respiratory Infections Assembly

Laurent Brochard

Before his appointment as the new Interdepartmental Division Director for Critical Care in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and as Full Professor and Clinician scientist in the Division of Critical Care Saint Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Professor Brochard worked in Geneva as the Head of the Intensive Care Unit of the Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland.
Before that, he was at Henri Mondor Hospital, Assistance Publique, Hôpitaux de Paris, and at the University of Paris-EST, France.

Professor Laurent Brochard is a world-leading expert in mechanical ventilation. He has published over 300 papers, primarily focused on acute respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation. In particular, Professor Brochard's research has led to significant reductions in the time patients need to be mechanically ventilated, reducing a number of associated risks. Professor Brochard was editor-in-chief of Intensive Care Medicine and is currently deputy editor for the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and led the European Research Network dedicated to clinical studies in Mechanical Ventilation (REVA).

Professor Navalesi, Head of the ERS Respiratory Intensive Care Assembly, said: "Professor Brochard has led a fantastic career in mechanical ventilation. His studies into the methods of ventilation have saved many lives and his continued dedication to the field and to his patients mean he will continue to improve and save the lives of many more."

Register for the Postgraduate course, 'Cardiorespiratory monitoring in critically ill patients'in critically ill patients', where Professor Brochard will be discussing the physiological bases of monitoring airway pressures during mechanical ventilation

Join the symposium, 'Weaning from mechanical ventilation: new insights' insights' where Professor Brochard will review new and well-established knowledge of the area.

Mario Cazzola

Professor Mario Cazzola is a respiratory clinical pharmacologist and has specialised in bronchodilator function since he graduated from the University of Naples in 1971. He has published over 300 articles over the past 20 years and is one of the most highly cited researchers in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He is currently a Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Rome 'Tor Vergata' and a visiting Professor in Clinical Pharmacology at King's College London.

Professor Cazzola has made an outstanding contribution to ERS. He was Chairman of the Airway Pharmacology and Treatment Group (2002-2005), Director of Postgraduate Courses (2008-2011) and Secretary of Assembly 5 (2005-2008) where he proposed and co-chaired the Task Force "Outcomes for COPD pharmacological trials: from lung function to biomarkers". Professor Cazzola has been a long-term member of the Airway Diseases Assembly where he has been active in submitting proposals for symposia, seminars and post-graduate courses.

Professor Cazzola has been invited as Speaker or Chair to over 400 conferences and has acted as editor or assistant editor or as part of the editorial board of numerous respiratory journals including Breathe, Lancet Respiratory Medicine and COPD.

In addition to his educational roles at ERS, Professor Cazzola has also been involved in the continuing medical education programmes for lung diseases at the Italian Health Ministry and was part of the team that compiled the Health Ministry's 2011 "Report on the Health Status of Italy".

Professor Ian Adcock Head of the ERS Airway Diseases Assembly, said: "Professor Cazzola's dedication to bronchodilator function research has led to great advances in the field. He has tirelessly contributed to ERS projects and led task forces on a range of important topics. Furthermore, he has committed to sharing that knowledge through educational programmes so this and the next generation of COPD and asthma researchers can benefit from his expertise."

Mark Woodhead

Professor Mark Woodhead represents a world authority in the field of lung infections, particularly pneumonia.

Professor Woodhead has acted as Associate Editor of the European Respiratory Journal, and was a member of the NICE GP Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines Development Group. He has also acted as Guidelines Director for ERS, and as Chair for the ERS Lower Respiratory Infection Guidelines Group. These ERS Guidelines are one of the Society's most cited documents.

Professor Woodhead is a pillar in the history of Assembly 10 and ERS; his qualities as both scientist and clinician are well recognised worldwide. He is still one of the most active members of the Assembly and his experience concerning strategic plans and networking within the Assembly is invaluable. His active presence in the life of the society has also been  demonstrated by his recent participation in the HERMES Task Force for Respiratory Infections.

The ERS Assemblies present the Lifetime Achievement Awards to individuals who have dedicated their careers to improving the respiratory field whilst encouraging and supporting networks for sharing and building knowledge.

Professor Stefano Aliberti, Head of the ERS Respiratory Infections Assembly, said: "Professor  oodhead's expertise in lung infections is staggering and he has dedicated his work to sharing and utilising that knowledge through participation in guidelines development. Guidelines are essential to changing research into action. Professor Woodhead's ability to network with and educate other professionals makes this process smooth and effective."

Register for the postgraduate course on Antibiotic stewardship for respiratory infectionsstewardship for respiratory infections, chaired by Professor Woodhead.

The ERS Assemblies present the Lifetime Achievement Awards to individuals who have dedicated their careers to improving the respiratory field whilst encouraging and supporting networks for sharing and building knowledge.

The ERS Assembly Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented during the Opening Ceremony, on Saturday 26 September, 2015 from 17:45 in the Auditorium.