ERS Gold Medals and Main Awards

ERS offer awards and grants to recognise excellence in the field in a number of different categories.

If you have developed an outstanding research project and you would like your work to be recognised by your peers, you can apply for an abstract grant or sponsorship opportunity when you submit an abstract.

You can read more about the available medals and awards below. 

The applications are now closed. We encourage you to apply for the 2016 Awards and Medals and best of luck for the 2015 candidates!

Award Sponsor Amount Link for application form & guidelines
ERS Gold Medal in COPD Boehringer Ingelheim €50,000 Form & guidelines
ERS Maurizio Vignola Gold Medal in Asthma Chiesi and Chiesi Foundation €50,000 Form & guidelines
ERS Romain Pauwels Research Award GlaxoSmithKline €50,000  Form & guidelines
ERS Pulmonary Hypertension Research Awards  Bayer 2*€40,000 Form & guidelines
ERS Award for Lifetime Achievement in PAH Actelion €10,000 Form & guidelines
ERS Research Award: Innovation in Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria Science and Medicine INSMED €10,000 Form & guidelines
ERS Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Award ERS €10,000 Form & guidelines
ERS Paediatric Research Award ItalChimici €3,000 Application closed
Sir John Vane Grant for Best Recent Publication in Pulmonary Vascular Research United Therapeutics €2,500 Form & guidelines

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