Welcome from the Congress Chairs

We are delighted to welcome friends and colleagues to our home city of Milan for the ERS International Congress 2017.

Milan is a fitting choice for the largest respiratory meeting in the world as it has for a long time been an important scientific centre in Europe. From 1452, Leonardo Da Vinci spent over 23 years in the city. Renowned for his contributions to human anatomy, it was during Da Vinci's time in Milan that he reached new heights of scientific discovery and deepened his understanding of human anatomy.

Visitors to Milan can enjoy at first hand Leonardo's Last Supper, a highlight of the Italian Renaissance, the Sforzesco Castle, the late gothic cathedral Duomo and the Scala Opera house, which are just a few examples of the enchanting treasures of a city founded in the 4th century BC.

As an early-industrialised city in Italy, Milan became one of the so-called 'laboratory cities' during the late-19 and early-20th centuries. It was during this time that it started to develop an advanced technological and scientific sector, and began to found numerous academies and institutions.

Today, Milan and the wider Lombardy region plays host to over 800,000 enterprises divided into 16 industrial districts covering a variety of areas including fashion, electronics and robotics. Embedded within this industry is the value of research and innovation as the region invests 1.4% of its GDP in research, making it one of the most innovative regions in Europe. Academia is also at the heart of the region with 12 universities in Lombardy and 7 in Milan itself.

Covering key topics in respiratory medicine from across the spectrum of disease areas including TB, lung cancer, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and asthma amongst others, the Congress programme is set to deliver the best advances in both science and education.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ERS International Congress where we will continue our mission to promote lung health and drive standards in respiratory medicine.

Congress Co-Chair: Stefano Centanni

Stefano Centanni 125w

Congress Chair: Francesco Blasi

Francesco Blasi 125w