Live endoscopy sessions

live endoscopy Ps cropFollowing on from our award-winning live endoscopy sessions featured at the ERS International Congress in 2015, we are extremely pleased to announce their return as part of the 2017 congress programme.

This year's sessions will offer real-time insight in to some of respiratory medicine's most important clinical procedures – providing delegates with an opportunity to witness procedures carried out by experts followed by question and answer sessions.

The live endoscopy sessions present fascinating opportunities for clinicians to learn more about a range of endoscopic techniques and discuss their applications and effectiveness.

All registered delegates will have access to the live endoscopy sessions with no additional cost to the registration fee.


The programme this year will focus on two areas:


Related educational opportunities

The patient perspective

"I was glad that I had a doctor who explained the procedure to me in detail before starting. This made me feel well prepared, as I knew what was going to happen and how I would feel during the procedure, which made the whole experience easier."

An endoscopy can be a daunting procedure for patients. Here are some top tips from the patient's perspective to help make it a more positive experience:

  1. Explain that the purpose of the procedure is to help you to learn more about the patient's airways and how to treat them
  2. Explain the procedure and how long it will take, so that the patient knows what to expect and feels well prepared
  3. Give information about any sedation being used and explain why it will be used
  4. Explain that after the procedure their throat may feel a little sore or dry but it that this will not last


  • ELF factsheet on Bronchoscopy (available in 8 languages) EN, DE, FR, ES, GR, IT, RU, PL

The European Lung Foundation are continually developing new factsheets on tests and procedures. Let us know any topics that you would like covered in a factsheet to give to your patients: