ERS Education Award 2016

KonradEBloch Presented to: Professor Konrad E. Bloch

After his experience as head of the Swiss examination committee, Professor Konrad Bloch played an integral role in the establishment of the ERS HERMES examinations in adult and paediatric respiratory medicine.

He led the committee in developing the concept and practical elements of the exams, which successfully commenced in 2008. Today, several countries in Europe recommend these examinations to respiratory professionals. He has also recently initiated a project to establish a HERMES curriculum for respiratory physicians in Kyrgystan, Central Asia

Additionally, Professor Bloch edited the 1st and 2nd editions of the Self-Assessment Handbook in Respiratory Medicine, which went on to become best-sellers among ERS publications.

Since undertaking the inaugural role of Director of Assessment at ERS, he has been involved in many high profile education projects, including initiating the European Championship in Respiratory Medicine in 2014, which aimed to provide state-of-the-art review in an innovative new format of education.