Industry Evening Symposia

Industry Evening Symposia

Sponsoring and organising an Industry Evening Symposium is the most impressive and efficient way to educate and stimulate a large audience. By offering cutting-edge science, revealing clinical data or examining case studies, sponsors can add to the programme of the ERS International Congress and convey messages in a highly relevant environment.

Dates: Sunday 4 September, Monday 5 September and Tuesday 6 September, 2016

Time:   17.15-19.15

Price:   CHF 55,000 + CHF 60 per seat available in the chosen room 

Available rooms & capacity in number of seats:

  • 1x1,800 seats
  • 1x1,300 seats
  • 2x1,000 seats
  • 2x800 seats
  • 2x600 seats
  • 4x500 seats
  • 1x300 seats

Important documents to download:

Deadline: 30 NOVEMBER 2015

3 preferred date options and room sizes should be sent to the ERS by this date. Please complete the Industry Evening Symposium form.


For any information related to Industry Evening Symposia, please contact:


Phone: +41 21 213 01 63