Continuing from last year's comprehensive coverage on this topic and ERS's specialist conference 'Sleep and Breathing 2017', this year's Congress has much to offer respiratory professionals who specialise in or who are interested in sleep related respiratory conditions.

Sleep-disordered breathing is treatable but largely undiagnosed. Despite this, no statistics are routinely collected on the associated morbidity and mortality. The most prevalent sleep condition remains to be obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS), which is a major health problem throughout Europe, affecting between 3–7% of middle-aged men and 2–5% of women. Obesity hyperventilation syndrome has also been an increasing problem in recent years and the comorbidities of these conditions, as well as the associated risks linked to untreated disorders, are also prominent issues.

Chair of the ERS Clinical physiology, sleep and pulmonary circulation assembly Maria R. Bonsignore notes that "Our Assembly very actively addresses the current hot issues in sleep medicine. Currently, we have an ongoing ERS Clinical Research Collaboration on OSA (the ESADA project) and Task Forces on OSA and driving, and OSA and stroke. We also have started a new collaboration with the European Society for Swallowing Disorders (ESSD), since dysphagia is a common problem in pulmonary medicine, which may also impact on sleep due to upper airway dysfunction. This year's congress program includes a joint symposium with the European Society for Sleep Research (ESRS), continuing the close collaboration between our two societies. There are also several sessions on sleep and many educational activities."

Join the ERS Clinical physiology, sleep and pulmonary circulation assembly via our online platform myERS and ensure that you are kept up to date with developments and opportunities in this area.

Below is a list of some of the sleep focused sessions available at this year's Congress. Alternatively, you can browse the sleep programme by selecting the 'Acute and chronic respiratory failure/sleep' track on the main congress programme to see all sessions on offer, including abstract sessions.

Note: Educational sessions (postgraduate courses, skills workshops, challenging clinical cases, professional development workshops and meet the expert sessions) can be attended at an additional cost to the standard registration fee.

Date Time Session Session type
09.09.2017 09:30-13:00 Noninvasive ventilation in respiratory failure Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 14:00-17:30 Sleep-disordered breathing: diagnosis and therapy Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 14:00-17:30 Lung transplantation Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 14:00-17:30 Self-management in chronic respiratory diseases Postgraduate course
10.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Multidisciplinary management of sleep apnoea Symposium
10.09.2017 13:00-14:00 Treating obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome in children Meet the expert
10.09.2017 14:45-16:45 Best of the ERS/ESRS Sleep and Breathing Conference 2017 Session
11.09.2017 07:00-08:15 Paediatric noninvasive ventilation Challenging clinical cases
11.09.2017 08:30-10:30 New insights in the understanding of sleep and the consequences of sleep apnoea Oral presentation
11.09.2017 14:45-16:45 Joint ERS/ESSD session: When respiratory diseases meet swallowing disorders Session
12.09.2017 07:00-08:15 Noninvasive respiratory aids for continuous support in neuromuscular disorders Challenging clinical cases
12.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Central sleep apnoea - Consequences and comorbidities of obstructive sleep apnoea Oral presentation
12.09.2017 08:30-10:30 From acute clots to chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension Symposium
12.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Respiratory manifestations of gastrointestinal diseases Symposium
12.09.2017 14:45-16:45 State of the art session: Interstitial lung disease and pulmonary vascular diseases Symposium
12.09.2017 14:45-16:45 Metabolism in respiratory diseases: time for a rethink Hot topics
13.09.2017 10:45-12:45 From small airways dysfunction to dyspnoea in COPD: from physiology to clinical application Symposium
13.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Aspects of phenotyping of obstructive sleep apnoea Oral presentation