About one quarter of children's primary care consultations are related to respiratory complaints including asthma, bronchiolitis, chronic bronchitis and lower respiratory tract infections. Approximately 50% of the costs of first-line healthcare for children are attributed to a combination of respiratory tract problems and skin conditions.

This year's Congress offers a range of activities designed to cater for the needs of specialists in paediatric respiratory medicine; highlights include the Paediatric Year in Review session, which presents the most recent and significant literature and developments relating to four topics in paediatric respiratory medicine, in addition to the interactive Paediatric Grand Round, which will present a number of challenging paediatric respiratory cases through engaging discussion, and audience participation is actively encouraged.

Chair of the ERS Paediatric Assembly Fabio Midulla, notes "Our assembly is comprised of eight different groups, which cover the breadth of paediatric respiratory disease. Our overarching aim is to advance the respiratory health of children in Europe and worldwide. There are still disparate mortality rates for respiratory diseases across Europe and closing this gap remains to be a major priority in paediatric respiratory medicine. This year's Congress is an excellent opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field and there are several professional development opportunities available as part of the educational programme."

If paediatric respiratory medicine is your field of interest, the list below highlights a number of topical sessions and activities available at this year's Congress. Alternatively, you can browse the full programme.

You can also join the ERS Paediatric Assembly using our online platform myERS and ensure that you are kept up to date with developments and opportunities in this area.

Note: Educational sessions (postgraduate courses, skills workshops, challenging clinical cases, professional development workshops and meet the expert sessions) can be attended at an additional cost to the standard registration fee.

Date Time Session Session type
09.09.2017 09:30-13:00 Paediatric asthma Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 14:00-17:30 Transition of children and adolescents into adult care Postgraduate course
10.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Tobacco Control in Europe: research and policy Symposium
10.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Paediatric Year in Review: update in paediatric pulmonology Year in Review
10.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Pediatric asthma: treatment modalities and behavioural issues Poster discussion
10.09.2017 12:50-14:40 What is new in respiratory and sleep physiology Thematic poster
10.09.2017 12:50-14:40 Cystic fibrosis: clinical issues Thematic poster
10.09.2017 13:00-14:00 Treating obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome in children Meet the expert
10.09.2017 14:45-16:45 State-of-the-art session: Paediatric Symposium
11.09.2017 07:00-08:15 Paediatric non-invasive ventilation Challenging clinical cases
11.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Paediatric bronchology Oral presentation
11.09.2017 08:30-10:30 What is the future for paediatric respiratory physiology and sleep Oral presentation
11.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Non-CF bronchiectasis in children Symposium
11.09.2017 14:45-16:45 Paediatric Ground Round: an interactive session Grand round
12.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Early life events: implications across the life course Hot topics
12.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Assessing the impact of respiratory and sleep problems in children Posted discussion
12.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Physiology, assessment and novel therapies of infant lung disease Oral presentation
12.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Cystic fibrosis in children and adults: treatment dilemmas Symposium
12.09.2017 12:50-14:40 New insights into paediatric respiratory infections Thematic poster
12.09.2017 12:50-14:40 Postnatal lung growth and development Thematic poster
13.09.2017 08:30-10:30 ERS in the frontline to fight Tuberculosis Hot topic
13.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Paediatric respiratory infections and immunity Oral presentation
13.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Omics in paediatric asthma and beyond Symposium