Personalised medicine and eHealth

Personalised or precision treatment and eHealth are some of the most exciting and fast-developing fields in medicine today. Technologies are advancing to facilitate tailored care, potentially leading to outcomes which can empower patients, improve treatment processes and reduce the burden of chronic disease. There are challenges to face in terms of cost barriers and potential health inequalities between those who have access to digital technologies and those who don't, but largely personalised medicine and eHealth are the embraced as the future.

This year's scientific and educational programme at the ERS International Congress highlights the latest developments and information in personalised medicine and eHealth, specifically for respiratory medicine.

If you are interested in this area, join us for any of the following sessions or register now to related educational activities:

Note: Educational sessions (postgraduate courses, skills workshops, challenging clinical cases, professional development workshops and meet the expert sessions) can be attended at an additional cost to the standard registration fee.

Date Time Session Session type
09.09.2017 09:30-11:15 Primary Care programme 2017 (part I) Session
09.09.2017 09:30-13:00 Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis management in settings with a low tuberculosis incidence Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 09:30-13:00 Noninvasive ventilation in respiratory failure Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 09:30-17:30 Re-defining the role of chest physicians in lung cancer: new opportunities in diagnostics and therapy Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 11:30-13:00 Primary Care programme 2017 (part II) Session
09.09.2017 14:00-17:30 Smoking cessation in patients with respiratory diseases Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 14:00-17:30 Transition of children and adolescents into adult care Postgraduate course
09.09.2017 14:00-17:30 Self-management in chronic respiratory diseases Postgraduate course
10.09.2017 10:45-12:45 The importance of physical activity in patients with COPD Oral presentation
10.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Translating "evidence-based behaviour change" and "e-health" interventions into practice: what works in smoking cessation and smoking prevention? Symposium
10.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Towards personalized medicine in COPD: biological and clinical phenotypes Oral presentation
10.09.2017 14:30-16:50 Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation Professional development workshop
10.09.2017 14:45-16:45 Digital health: transforming the respiratory landscape Symposium
11.09.2017 07:00-08:15 Paediatric non-invasive ventilation Challenging clinical cases
11.09.2017 08:30-10:30 ERS/EASYM/CompMed joint session "Towards personalised medicine for airways disease" Session
11.09.2017 12:50-14:40 Medical education, web and internet Thematic poster
11.09.2017 12:50-14:40 Efficacy and compliance with obstructive sleep apnoea treatment Thematic poster
11.09.2017 13:00-14:00 Selection criteria in marginal lung cancer candidates Meet the expert
11.09.2017 13:00-14:00 High altitude medicine Meet the expert
12.09.2017 07:00-08:15 Noninvasive respiratory aids for continuous support in neuromuscular disorders  Challenging clinical cases
12.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Improve your competences – new directions from medical education
Oral presentation
12.09.2017 09:00-10:30 Ethical issues in modern day respiratory research and medicine  Professional development workshop
12.09.2017 10:45-12:45 The latest in lung cancer Symposium 
12.09.2017 12:50-14:40  Primary care management of asthma, and self-management of respiratory disease Thematic poster
13.09.2017 08:30-10:30 Innovation in diagnosing and monitoring respiratory disease Symposium
13.09.2017 10:45-12:45 Personalised care for emphysema in COPD Symposium