General Information

Abstracts on USB keys

Sponsored by Almirall S.A.


With the support of Almirall S.A., the ERS is offering delegates an electronic copy of the ERS Congress Abstracts on USB keys, which they can collect free of charge from the Almirall S.A. exhibition stand. The USB keys will be distributed on a “first come, first served” basis.

Abstract Print Zones

Two Abstract Print Zones will be available at the Congress. The Abstract Print Zone gives delegates free access to PCs in designated areas. Here, delegates can select and print abstracts in exactly the same format as the official Abstract Book on USB key. Each PC will be equipped with its own printer with staff on hand to assist. Abstracts can be easily accessed through advanced search tools with three search options:

  • by day and session
  • by Scientific Assembly or Group
  • by topic

All abstracts will be available for download and/or printing from 26 August 2014.


Sponsored by Novartis

novartis logo previewThe ERS Annual Congress Final Programme will be available for the fourth time as an interactive Smartphone app compatible with iPhone and android devices. The app can be downloaded free of charge, and will help you to plan your congress, search by room, time, speaker, disease group, etc. and also offers practical info such as floor plans, exhibitor lists and maps.

Bank Service

Cash dispensers are located in the West Entrance and along the Expressway above Hall B4 (1st floor). All major credit cards are accepted.

Business Centre

The Business Centre is located past Hall B2 on the ground floor. The services are available at the delegates’ own expense.

Children and members of the public

Children and members of the public are not permitted in the exhibition area or any room hosting an industry activity. In addition, the ERS asks delegates and faculty to refrain from taking children to any scientific sessions or practical demonstrations. In the event that children are required to enter the Congress centre, they should by supervised by an adult at all times and observe the restrictions that apply to limited access area. In the event that a member of public is invited to participate in the ERS Congress Scientific Programme, they should be accompanied by a qualified Healthcare professional or ERS representative, observing the ERS restrictions where appropriate.


A cloakroom service for coats and reasonably-sized luggage is available during the opening hours of the Congress in the basement of the Registration area in the West Entrance.

Data Scanning System

Congress badges will contain a barcode that will act as an electronic business card and will enable visitors to leave their contact details with exhibitors quickly and easily.

Dates and opening hours

DateCongress centre
Preview Room
ERS sessions
Evening Symposia
Sat, 6 Sept 07:00–21:00 07:00–18:15 07:30-17:30 09:30–17:30**    
Sun, 7 Sept 07:00–19:30 07:00–17:30 07:00–17:30 08:30–16:45 17:15–19:15 09:00–17:00
Mon, 8 Sept 06:30–19:30 06:30–17:30 07:30-17:30 07:00–16:45 17:15–19:15 09:00–17:00
Tue, 9 Sept 06:30–19:30 06:30–17:30 07:30-17:30 07:00–16:45 17:15–19:15 09:00–17:00
Wed, 10 Sept 07:00–13:30* 07:00–14:00 08:00–11:00 08:30–12:45   09:00–12:00
* No afternoon sessions
** Postgraduates Courses only
All timings are subject to change.

Dress code

Dress will be informal throughout the Congress. ERS reserves the right to refuse access when deemed necessary for the comfort and safety of all delegates.

E-Poster Area

All authors of an accepted abstract will be encouraged to create an electronic version of their work before the Congress in addition to their assigned type of presentation (i.e., Poster Discussion, Thematic Poster or Oral Presentation). The E-Poster area, which is located in Hall 3, will allow delegates to access the E-Posters on workstations throughout the Congress.
Delegates, authors and Chairs will be able to communicate and post comments on the presented data via a chat forum that will be available during and after the Congress.
Further information: The electronic platform available at the Congress is a medium for presenting work during a live event. As with the Thematic Posters, such electronically presented work is not considered to be a publication or a pre-publication. It is not available for review and may not be quoted, copied or downloaded. With the author’s agreement, it will be made available online after the Congress. Copyright remains with the author.

Exhibition access

Access to the exhibition will be limited to respiratory professionals. Children accompanied or unaccompanied are forbidden from entering this area. 

Hotel Desk

A Hotel Desk will be available in the ERS Registration Area during Congress opening hours from Saturday 6 September through to Wednesday 10 September, 2014. 

Insurance and disclaimer

ERS accepts no liability for injuries and/or losses of whatever nature incurred by participants and/or accompanying persons, nor for loss or damage to their luggage and/or personal belongings. Please check the validity of your own insurance.


Since the official language of the Congress is English, translations will not be provided.
Information regarding special programmes will be given at a later date.

Lost and Found

Please contact the cloakroom located in the registration area for any lost items. 

Lunch and refreshments

No official meals will be provided. Meal facilities at the Congress centre include cafeterias and restaurants. A number of bars and coffee/snack points serve sandwiches and snacks.

Mobile phone policy

Please respect your fellow colleagues and friends by switching off your mobile phone in all meeting and poster rooms.


Delegate car parking is available at the Parking Garage West at a cost of €10 per car, per day.
For holders of a disabled person's badge, free parking is available at the Parking Garage West on the special parking areas near the elevators on each parking level. Before leaving the parking garage, simply exchange your parking ticket for a free exit ticket. It can be obtained from the APCOA Autoparking GmbH office on level 0 in the multi-storey parking garage or directly at the barrier.

Post Services

A mailbox and a stamp-machine are available in the West Entrance. The mailbox is emptied every day from Monday to Friday at 10.30 am.


Please pay special attention to your personal belongings, especially when walking around the city centre and in the public transportation system.
Any security problems or concerns within the Congress Centre should be reported to a uniformed member of staff. ICM-Messe München Security Staff will handle any emergency situation and everyone is asked to follow the instructions announced on the loudspeaker. Emergency exits are marked with green exit signs.


As smoking is a major cause of lung disease, ERS asks Congress participants and exhibitors not to smoke in the ICM-Messe München or any area within 100 metres of the building.

Special accessibility needs

Messe München has wheelchairs available in the West Entrance. They can be rented directly from the security service against a cash deposit of €50.
Restroom/WC facilities for the disabled are located in the West Entrance, namely, at the south ends of Halls A and B, close to the information counter, and in all hall restaurants on the 1st floor.


These are the numbers of the central taxi agency:

  • Tel: +49 89 21610
  • Tel: +49 89 19410

Tourist information

A tourist information counter will be located in the West Entrance. For planning and further tourist information about Munich, please visit