Programme highlight: Paediatrics

Paediatric respiratory diseases at Congress:

Respiratory morbidity is one of the most common reasons for consulting a general practitioner in paediatric care. About 10% of consultations are for asthma, with the other main respiratory diseases being bronchiolitis, acute bronchitis and respiratory infections. This year's Congress draws attention to this area, offering a wide variety of educational and scientific opportunities for anyone interested in this field.

Sessions include: a postgraduate course on 'Cystic fibrosis: Basic defects and clinical problems in children', a meet the expert session on 'Bronchoscopic evaluation of recurrent/persistent pneumonia in children', a 'Paediatric Year in Review' session, and a symposium session on 'Infectious agents in childhood asthma', plus much more.*

Use the programme to find all related sessions

To search for sessions specifically linked to the topic of paediatric respiratory diseases, you can use the online search tool; simply access the online programme, click on 'Advance' and select Paediatric Respiratory Diseases' from the 'Diseases' options. The programme can also be used to search for keywords, speakers and dates.

Hear from ERS officers

ERS has a dedicated assembly for paediatrics – made up of healthcare professionals and scientists from around the world and led by experts in the field, who work together to promote knowledge and understanding of paediatric respiratory diseases and to advance the respiratory health of children in Europe and around the world. Head of the ERS Paediatrics Assembly Professor Jonathan Grigg (JG) and the early-career representative Dr Rafaella Nenna (RN) offer us some insight into this year's event.

What can professionals specialising in this area expect to gain from attending this year's Congress?

JG: We are offering an exciting mix of internationally renowned speakers who will be offering a wide spectrum of reviews: from underlying mechanisms, to new insights into the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases in children and young people.

What in your opinion will be the popular topics relating to paediatric respiratory diseases at this year's Congress and what will be particular highlight for you?

JG: A particular highlight of mine is the paediatric Year in review, which puts into context the most up-to-date research.

As an early-career professional with a focus on paediatric respiratory diseases, why is the upcoming Congress valuable to career development?

RN: Every year the ERS annual meeting represents an unmissable appointment for early career paediatric pulmonologists. It offers milestone research in the most important aspects of pulmonary diseases and for the large number of sessions and the high quality of the speakers it is the ideal opportunity to update in all aspects of pneumology. In the Symposia or in the paediatric Year in review, junior trainees can have a comprehensive picture of common diseases and all the achievements in rarer diseases. They can test their selves in the paediatric Grand Round, or practice in the Postgraduate courses or in the Skills workshops. It is also a special networking opportunity for researchers from all over the world. Last but not the least, it represents an opportunity for young doctors to present their work to experts in the field, discuss with them the validity of their study, and have incentives to refine their research.

You can join the ERS Paediatrics Assembly using our online platform myERS and ensure that you are kept up to date with developments and opportunities in this area.

*Note: Educational sessions (postgraduate courses, skills workshops, professional development workshops and meet the expert sessions) can be attended at an additional cost to the standard registration fee