Programme highlight: paediatrics

Paediatric respiratory diseases represent a large proportion of childhood illnesses with estimations suggesting about one-quarter of primary care consultations among children relate to respiratory complaints. There are also huge differences in the way paediatric healthcare is delivered across Europe.

Sleep, breath control, asthma and cystic fibrosis will be covered throughout Congress by paediatric respiratory experts leading cutting-edge symposia, grand rounds, reviews and more. Sessions will also cover topics such as the multidisciplinary nature of paediatric medicine as well as new studies on identifying early signs of respiratory diseases to improve treatment outcomes. The programme includes a number of education sessions including two skills workshops on paediatric respiratory resuscitation, covering basic and advanced life support as well as airway management and IO insertion.

Professor Fabio Midulla, Head of the Paediatrics Assembly, said: "We know that most childhood diseases have a high morbidity or mortality. ERS seeks to advance the respiratory health of children in Europe and worldwide, through supporting research, learning and collaboration, particularly through the ERS Paediatric Assembly. Sessions held throughout the Congress will put a spotlight on key issues and provide the perfect opportunity for healthcare professionals from across the world to hear the latest advances in the field."

Below we highlight just some of the Congress sessions on offer for this topic. Browse the full programme online.

 Date  Time  Title
26.09.2015 09:30 *Postgraduate course PG4 Multidisciplinary approach to noninvasive ventilation (NIV)
26.09.2015 09:30 *Postgraduate course PG9 Lower respiratory tract infection in children: Evaluation and management
26.09.2015 14:00 *Postgraduate course PG16 Sleep and disordered breathing
27.09.2015 08:30 Symposium Preschool wheeze: new insights
27.09.2015 10:45 Ground round Paediatrics – an interactive session: Covering typical and difficult clinical questions
27.09.2015 14:45 Symposium Breathlessness during exercise: if not asthma, then what?
28.09.2015 08:30 Symposium Mechanisms of virus-driven and host-defence immune responses in acute virus-induced asthma
28.09.2015 08:30 Hot topics Advancing therapies for cystic fibrosis
28.09.2015 14:45 Symposium Update on respiratory sounds
29.09.2015 08:30 Year in review In paediatrics: Physiology and pathophysiology of respiratory sounds
29.09.2015 13:00 *Meet the expert ME10 Paediatric lung function tests reference values
30.09.2015 08:00 *Educational skills workshop EW26 Paediatric respiratory resuscitation
30.09.2015 08:30 Symposium Cystic fibrosis: not just for the specialists
30.09.2015 10:40 *Educational skills workshop EW28 Paediatric respiratory resuscitation
30.09.2015 10:45 Hot topics Risk factors and early origins of respiratory diseases

*Registration for these courses is additional to the Congress registration fee. Junior members can register for sessions at a reduced rate.