Programme highlight: lung transplantation

Lung transplants have the potential for positive treatment outcomes in patients suffering from a number of conditions including COPD/emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and pulmonary arterial hypertension. According to the ERS White Book, five-year survival rates are now averaging 50%, and the most experienced centres are achieving 70%. Various sessions at Congress will give an overview of current indications for lung transplantation referrals and the results and pitfalls of the procedure. Leading experts will offer insights into specific disease areas and review the latest findings in basic science and translational research.

Like many areas, lung transplantation is an area of medicine where multidisciplinary teams are important for higher success rates and Congress sessions will discuss the role of specialisms such as physiotherapy and psychology in transplantation. The Postgraduate Courses on offer are a great opportunity for delegates to learn and consolidate new skills and gain recognition for their learning and one of our Meet the Expert Sessions will update delegates on current referral criteria for lung transplantation.

Professor Dragan R. Subotic, Head of the ERS Transplantation Assembly said: "Lung transplantation is an exciting and ever-changing field that has progressed rapidly in recent years. We work in an era where people who have had a double lung transplant can go on to be medal-winning athletes. With the opportunity to meet experts speaking about everything from dealing with traditional methods to physiotherapy and aftercare all the way to the future of robotics in pulmonology and thoracic surgery, the ERS International Congress will introduce new people to the field and further the successes of the most experienced clinicians and researchers."

Below we highlight just some of the Congress sessions on offer for this topic. Browse the full programme online.

Date Time Title
26.09.2015 14:00 *Postgraduate course PG17 Lung fibrosis and sarcoidosis: Different diagnostic approaches and treatment modalities 
26.09.2015 14:00 *Postgraduate course PG12 Surgical treatment of emphysema: Volume reduction and lung transplantation 
27.09.2015 08:30 Symposium My patient had major thoracic and abdominal surgery: what happens next? 
27.09.2015 10:45 Symposium Robotics in pulmonology and thoracic surgery 
27.09.2015 13:00 Assembly members' meeting Assembly 8 "Thoracic surgery and transplantation" Members' Meeting: Incl. Groups 8.1 "Thoracic surgery" and 8.2 "Transplantation" 
27.09.2015 14:45 Symposium Lung transplantation in the year 2015: current indications and results 
28.09.2015 08:30 Poster Discussion Pathogenic mechanisms of lung transplant complications: a focus on CLAD 
28.09.2015 10:45 Symposium When chronic inflammation drives fibrosis: a lesson from lung transplantation 
28.09.2015 13:00 *Meet the expert ME7 Update on referral guidelines for lung transplantation: what has changed? 
28.09.2015 14:45 Symposium How to treat brain metastases 
29.09.2015 08:30 Oral Presentation Predictors of lung transplant complications
29.09.2015 14:45 Hot topics Regenerative medicine of the lung: opportunities and threats 
29.09.2015 14:45 Poster Discussion Outcomes of lung transplantation 
30.09.2015 08:30 Symposium Difficult-to-treat mediastinal problems 
30.09.2015 08:30 Symposium Cystic fibrosis: not just for the specialists 

*Registration for these courses is additional to the Congress registration fee. Junior members can register for these sessions at a reduced rate.