Educational Award 2015

4. Prof Artigas Photo Zouhri ERS Copyright 106 Committed to medical education, Professor Antonio Artigas has had a long career serving the development needs of respiratory physicians. In 1995 he created a Catalan network of teaching committees for coordinating medical training programmes in the region. He has organised postgraduate courses on cardiorespiratory monitoring at the American Thoracic Society, ERS and the Spanish Society of Intensive Care, Critical and Coronary Units (SEMICYUC). He is a member of the Teaching Committee at Sabadell University Hospital and Director of the Medical Educational Centre where he improves undergraduate and postgraduate medical education using simulations.

Professor Artigas focuses his translational and clinical research on pathophysiological mechanisms, the treatment and outcome of sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome. His wide-ranging research is supported by grants from the EU and the Spanish National Research Council and has frequently included multicentre trials. He takes an active role in the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and the Global Sepsis Alliance.

Professor Artigas is currently the chair of the ERS Respiratory Critical Care HERMES programme and is participating in the Advisory Committee of the European Union of Medical Specialises (UEMS) to define the Training Framework Program of the Intensive Care Medicine accreditation in Europe.

Gernot Rohde, ERS Education Council Chair, said: "Professor Artigas' commitment to respiratory education is manifested in the success of the committees he has chaired, the courses he has developed and the teaching he delivers. His ability to bring specialists from different backgrounds to form highly productive teams has been the key to these successes. His hard work and dedication have supported the development of many physicians and led to better treatments for many patients."

The Educational Award is presented by ERS to honour a European clinician, scientist, allied respiratory professional or individual in any other profession, who has made a contribution of extraordinary magnitude to education in respiratory medicine at a European or international level.

Take part in the cardiorespiratory monitoring in critically ill patients ERS postgraduate course or the educational skills workshop, both chaired by Professor Artigas.
Professor Artigas will be presented with the ERS Educational Award during the Opening Ceremony, on Saturday 26 September, 2015 from 17:45 in the Auditorium.