Industry Evening Symposia

Industry Evening Symposia

Sponsoring and organising an Industry Evening Symposium is the most impressive and efficient way to educate and stimulate a large audience. By offering cutting-edge science, revealing clinical data or examining case studies, sponsors can add to the programme of the ERS International Congress and convey messages in a highly relevant environment.

Dates: Sunday 27 September, Monday 28 September and Tuesday 29 September, 2015

Time:   17.15-19.15

Price:   CHF 55,000 + CHF 60 per seat available in the chosen room 

Available rooms & capacity in number of seats:

  • 1x1,800 seats
  • 1x1,740 seats
  • 1x1,500 seats
  • 1x1,100
  • 2x800
  • 2x700
  • 1x650
  • 3x500
  • 1x260

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Phone: +41 21 213 01 62


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