Patient organisation programme

The European Lung Foundation (ELF) brings together patients and the public with respiratory professionals to positively influence lung health. ELF works all year round with a network of national and European patient organisations, representing a wide range of respiratory diseases, who take part in the ERS International Congress.

The aim of having patient organisations at Congress is to:

  • present the patient perspective in scientific and educational sessions
  • promote the role of patient organisations
  • strengthen the European community of respiratory patient organisations
  • encourage professionals to engage with patient organisations
  • promote the wider participation of patients and patient organisations in healthcare worldwide.

More than 35 patient organisations from across Europe will be located in the World Village and involved in activities taking place at Congress. Meet and find out more about these organisations at the ELF and patient organisation stand and at their hot desks.

The World Village exhibition will be open from Sunday 27 to Tuesday 29 September, 08:00–18:00, and Wednesday 08.00-12.00, with an ELF staff member and patient organisation representatives on the ELF and patient organisation stand at all times.

ELF have put together a varied programme of open and invitation-only events, as well as ensuring patient participation throughout the congress. 

Download a printable programme for these sessions or see below

Click on the sections below for full details on these events, sessions, presentations and meetings.

  • Events
    Open to all

    • Saturday, 26 September, 10:00–18:00 and Sunday, 27 September, 11.00–18.00
      Beursplein and Dam Square, Amsterdam city centre – public lung testing and activities to raise awareness of exercise and lung health (part of the Healthy Lungs for Life campaign)
    • Saturday, 26 September, 17:45–21:00
      Opening ceremony and welcome reception (including presentation of the ELF Award) – Auditorium
    • Monday, 28 September, 12:45–14:00
      Patient organisation networking reception – Room D404
      *Please note that spaces are limited, email Sarah Masefield if you would like to attend
    • Monday, 28 September, 18:00–20:00 
      AMC, Amsterdam-Zuidoost – Expert evening sessions for patients and the public (in Dutch).
      *Email Kerstin Morrison if you would like to attend
  • Patient testimony in scientific sessions

    Patient testimonies provide an insight into the day-to-day experience of living with a lung condition and related issues, and thoughts and recommendations for improved medical practice and support.

    Those marked * require registration and additional payment


  • Presentations
    Open to all

    New for this year, there will be a presentation space at the centre of the World Village. Societies and patient organisations will be giving 15–30 minute presentations, and are a great opportunity for delegates to:

    • learn more about the role of patient organisations in supporting patients and their families
    • hear about specific activities and campaigns
    • ask questions and meet patient organisations in your country or area of disease interest.
    • Sunday, 27 September, 10:00–10:30
      European Lung Foundation (ELF), 'The Healthy Lungs for Life (HLfL) campaign at ERS Congress and how to take the campaign to your country'
    • Sunday, 27 September, 10:45–11:00
      ARB-TB, Romania, 'Treatment compliance increasing for TB patients using supportive groups'
    • Sunday, 27 September, 11:15–11:30
      Lovexair, 'Educaxair a mobile support service for chronic respiratory disease management for patients'
    • Sunday, 27 September, 15:15–15:45
      Asthma Society for Ireland, 'Asthma Health Promotion Programmes targeting different communities'
    • Sunday, 27 September, 16:45–17:15
      Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust (ISAT), 'Paediatric sleep apnoea: the perspective of a patient organisation'
    • Monday, 28 September, 09:30–10:00
      EFA, 'COPD affects your lungs, pocket and social life! Real experiences from hospitals to airports'
    • Monday, 28 September, 15:30–15:45
      FFAAIR, 'How FFAAIR is supporting patients with a lung condition in France: patients at the patients' service'
    • Monday, 28 September, 16:00–16:15
      European Lung Foundation (ELF), 'The European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) as a tool for patients at Congress'
    • Monday, 28 September, 16:30–17:00
      PHA Europe, 'Patient organisations influence in EU policies for respiratory health'
    • Tuesday, 29 September, 09:30–10:00
      European LAM Federation, 'Presentation of the key activities of European LAM Federation'
    • Tuesday, 29 September, 12:30–13:00
      British Lung Foundation (BLF), 'Update on the key activities of the British Lung Foundation'
  • Meetings
    Invitation only

    • Saturday, 26 September, 13:00–16:00 
      Lung Cancer patient priorities workshop – Room E108
    • Sunday, 27 September, 09:30–13:00
      EARIP asthma research priority setting workshop – Room E103
    • Sunday, 27 September, 13:00–14:00
      The James Lind Alliance research priority setting approach: a workshop for patient organisations – Room D405
    • Monday, 28 September, 10:00–11:00
      Defining patient involvement – a meeting of the ERS Task Force for Sarcoidosis and patient organisations – Art Room
    • Monday, 28 September, 11:00–12.45
      Patient Advisory Committee meeting – Room D404
    • Tuesday, 29 September, 13:00–14:30
      International Patient Advisory Committee meeting – Room D403
    • Tuesday, 29 September, 13:00–14:30
      U-BIOPRED Patient Input Platform/WP9&10 meeting
    • Tuesday, 29 September , 14:30–15:30
      *Media workshop for patient organisations – Room D404
    • Tuesday, 29 September, 15:30–16.30
      *U-BIOPRED – the patient experience: a workshop for patient organisations – Room D404

    *open to all patient organisation representatives – email Sarah Masefield if you would like to attend