Live endoscopy sessions

Endoscopy V4 web

Room: Auditorium

For the first time, live endoscopy sessions will be hosted at the ERS International Congress, offering a real-time insight into some of respiratory medicine's most important clinical procedures.


Meet the ERS Live Endoscopy Team.

The four sessions will feature numerous endoscopic procedures transmitted live from the Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam site and the University Medical Center (UMCG) Groningen site. The sessions will introduce participants to a range of techniques and applications and provide an in-depth analysis of this essential intervention.

This will give delegates the opportunity to witness procedures being conducted by expert clinicians and take part in question and answer sessions following the live demonstrations. The sessions present fascinating opportunities for clinicians to learn more about this range of endoscopic techniques and discuss their applications and effectiveness.

The patient perspective

Endoscopies can be worrying experiences for patients. Take a look at our patient perspective page to access a free factsheet for your patients and to hear patients' top tips for healthcare professionals performing endoscopies.

Download the guidelines for these sessions

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