ERS Live Endoscopy 2015: Meet the Faculty

ERS Live Endoscopy will be hosted by a highly experienced faculty of experts from around the world who will be able to demonstrate, as well as discuss, their significant skills and knowledge. 

If you see a , you can find out more about their experiences and their interest in endoscopy in a short interview below.

Dr Arschang Valipour 

Professor Dr Christophe Dooms

Dr Gerard Cox

Dr Paul Frost Clementson 

Professor Felix Herth 
Professor Dr Ralf Eberhardt
Dr Juergen Hetzel
Dr Maren Schuhmann

Dr Marios Froudarakis

Professor Dr Venerino Poletti
Dr Stefano Gasparini
Dr Rocco Trisolini

Dr Masahide Oki

Professor Jouke T. Annema 
Dr Johannes Daniels 
Dr Julius Janssen 
Dr Dirk-Jan Slebos 
Professor Dr Erik van der Heijden 
Dr Peter Bonta
Dr Laurence Crombag
Dr Olga Schuurbiers
Dr Nicolaas ten Hacken

Dr Artur Szlubowski

Dr Therese Lapperre

Dr Ales Rozman

South Korea
Dr Bin Hwangbo

Dr Semra Bilaceroglu 

Dr Fergus Gleeson 
Dr Mohammed Munavvar 
Dr Ioannis Psallidas 
Dr Najib Rahman◊
Dr Pallav Shah
Dr John Wrightson

Dr Frank Sciurba

Faculty interviews

Here a selection of our faculty members discuss their interest in, and experience with, live endoscopy.

Dr Arschang Valipour, Austria

Asrchang Valipour

"I saw my first endoscopic procedures during a research fellowship in London, and I was immediately fascinated by the idea of navigating through a three-dimensional biological system. Seeing experts live and "in action" is completely different from a teaching DVD: the interventionist can comment as they go and the difficulties and realities of clinical practice cannot be disguised. ERS Live Endoscopy will interest both referring physicians and those who will perform these procedures themselves."

Dr Arschang Valipour is Head of the endoscopy suite at Otto-Wagner-Spital, Austria. He has been in the field for over 10 years, has published a number of research papers and has a keen interest in emerging technologies.

 Dr Paul Frost Clementsen, Denmark

Paul Frost Clementsen

"I first became interested in endosonography ten years ago when I was taught EUS-FNA by Professor Peter Vilmann in Denmark, a gastric surgeon and leading pioneer in the field. It quickly became clear that the EBUS and EUS procedures complemented each other and the two procedures now form the cornerstone of the diagnosis of lung and mediastinum diseases. It is my great privilege to work with both Professor Jouke Annema, Netherlands, and Dr Lars Konge, Denmark, in clinical studies, simulator training and assessing competence in endosonography. I think the ERS Live Endoscopy sessions provide a unique way to demonstrate and discuss the performance of the procedures with colleagues from all over the world. We hope the session will increase knowledge of both EUS-FNA and EBUS-TBNA in the hands of the pulmonologist."

Dr Paul Frost Clementsen is a specialist in pulmonary medicine at the Centre for Clinical Education, University of Copenhagen and the Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Gentofte Hospital, Denmark.

Professor Felix Herth, Germany

 F Herth"Interventional pulmonology is developing rapidly. Various options for diagnosis and therapy have been approved and introduced and more and more technologies are coming. With this, interest in learning about the field is also rapidly growing, mostly thanks to the options we can offer our patients beyond the classical therapy routes. Courses all over Europe, like the ERS School courses, are quickly overbooked. ERS Live Endoscopy is a unique opportunity to see and hear the world's leading experts. These sessions are not only ideal for those who want to learn to do the procedures but also for those who "only" refer patients to centres of excellence; it is always important to know in detail what they can really offer your patients."

Professor Felix Herth is the incoming Head of ERS Assembly 1, and Head of Pulmonology at Heidelberg University Hospital.

Professor Venerino Poletti, Italy


"This event offers the opportunity to see how things happen in real life. It is difficult to learn the skills needed just from reading about the topic. I sincerely recommend you come to see the techniques in practice so you may gain a better understanding of the techniques.

Professor Venerino Poletti is Professor and Chair at the Department of Respiratory Diseases and Allergology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark and Chair at the Department of Diseases of the Thorax, Pulmonology Unit at the Ospedale Morgagni, Forlì, Italy and Clinical Professor of Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Parma, Italy.

He is an expert in diffuse parenchymal lung diseases (DPLD) and interventional pulmonology. He entered the field of thoracic endoscopy over 20 years ago and is an experienced researcher on transbronchial lung biopsy with cryoprobes in DPLD. Professor Poletti is also an experienced practitioner of bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) endoscopic ultrasound (EUS).

Professor Jouke T. Annema, Netherlands 

Jouka Annema"I have been interested in diagnostic cases since I began my pulmonology training. I integrate patient histories and physical examinations, with imaging techniques (X-thorax, CT scans, ultrasound) and procedural skills (bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy and endosonography). This allows me to solve difficult diagnostic problems and I find the process very rewarding.

During my pulmonology residency, endoscopic ultrasound/fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) had just become clinically available for gastroenterology. I quickly saw the opportunity for using endosonography for pulmonary indications. This gave me the drive and energy to conduct clinical research and organise training in this field.

Live demonstrations provide the opportunity be taken through an endoscopy procedure, step-by-step, by an expert. Through interaction with the Chairs and audience, the performing endoscopist can immediately respond to any questions raised and show how to proceed.

Come to ERS Live Endoscopy to experience state-of-the-art endoscopy for lung cancer, as well as for pleural and interstitial diseases. You will also witness novel endoscopic treatments for asthma and lung emphysema and hear a great deal of tips and tricks for clinical practice in transthoracic ultrasound."

Professor Jouke T. Annema is Professor of Pulmonary Endoscopy at the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Medicine. He has performed thousands of endobronchial (EBUS) and endoscopic (EUS) ultrasound procedures. His PhD focussed on the topic and he initiated and conducted numerous studies, publishing extensively. He has organised dozens of EBUS/ EUS and transthoracic ultrasound courses for more than a decade. Furthermore, he is actively involved in the Interventional Pulmonology group of the ERS and has been elected Chair as of September 2015.

Dr Johannes Daniels, Netherlands 

Johannes Daniels

 "I developed an interest in endoscopy while working as a resident at the department of Pulmonary Diseases of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, where there is a long tradition of interventional pulmonology. Live endoscopy is an important event because bronchoscopy and interventional pulmonology are all about practical skills. Although much of the theoretical background can be acquired by studying textbooks and scientific literature, practical skills can only be acquired by working with the experts. Everyone interested in endoscopic procedures should attend because this is a unique opportunity to see some amazing procedures performed live. It can be a first introduction to such a procedure or an interesting update for the more experienced bronchoscopists. Through live discussion the key elements of the procedures are explained and questions from the audience can be answered during the procedures."

Dr Johannes Daniels is the director of Interventional Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy at VU University Medical Center with in-depth experience in a broad range of techniques.

Dr Julius Janssen, Netherlands

RM.20152705 Julius Janssen longarts 3

"I have been interested in interventional pulmonology from when I was training as a resident in pulmonary disease. After my board certification as pulmonologist, I went in 1991 for a year to Marseille in France to develop skills in laser bronchoscopy and stent placement with Jean Francois Dumon and thoracoscopy with Christian Boutin.

Unlike other areas of pulmonology, like asthma and COPD, you cannot learn interventional pulmonology from a book or a screen. Before you perform an interventional pulmonology procedure, you need to have observed some. This is the first time ever that live procedures will be performed and transmitted live to a large international pulmonary congress. Until now, you could only see live procedures in smaller dedicated courses, which are only accessible to a small number of participants. At ERS Live Endoscopy, the audience will see the whole range of interventional procedures in bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, and thoracic ultrasound. A unique occasion you should not miss!"

Dr Julius Janssen has built his expertise in rigid thoracoscopy over 25 years through clinical work, research and teaching.

Dr Dirk-Jan Slebos, Netherlands

Dirk-Jan Slebos"There is a great need for minor invasive diagnostic tools, such as UES and EBUS for diagnosis and staging, and for therapies, such as lung volume reduction for COPD. With the emergence of new techniques, the last decade has seen a great increase in interest in endoscopy and recognition of the interventional pulmonology specialism. This is a unique opportunity for interaction with a treating physician and time to discuss the individual steps in a procedure. ERS Live Endoscopy gives clinicians from all over the world the chance to witness the latest endoscopic and pleural techniques, see the workings of different centres and watch experts treat their patient, which can be motivating for your own practice, or for referring your patients."

Dr Dirk-Jan Slebos is a world expert on bronchoscopic lung volume reduction using coil technology and endobronchial valves. He has performed more than 300 treatments from early pilot studies through to FDA-IDE clinical trials for these devices. 

Professor Dr Erik van der Heijden, Netherlands 

Erik Heijden

"ERS Live Endoscopy provides the opportunity to see the newest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed by highly experienced colleagues. The audience will see the latest procedures and techniques in the context of everyday clinical cases whilst indications, limitations, outcomes, and procedural risks are explained."

Professor Dr Erik van der Heijden was trained at Radboud UMC Nijmegen, Netherlands where he is now Head of the Interventional Pulmonology and Thoracic Oncology Unit. He has developed the unit by implementing state-of-the-art techniques for diagnostic procedures and treatment of patients. He is an expert practitioner in many endoscopy techniques, has authored over 90 papers and supervises five PhD programmes.

Dr Semra Bilaceroglu, Turkey

Semra Bilaceroglu

"During my pulmonary residency, only rigid bronchoscopy was available in our hospital. It was performed under local anesthesia and conscious sedation. Soon after I became a pulmonary specialist, flexible bronchoscopy came but there were only two scopes for the whole hospital and the offering for bronchoscopy training was considerably limited. My curiosity grew and so did my interest in endoscopy. ERS Live Endoscopy will present real-time, real-life scenarios. Moreover, they enable in-depth discussions on the case through a lively interaction between the audience and endoscopy team. Live endoscopy is an important component of teaching state-of-the-art practice in endoscopy. These sessions are a great opportunity for clinicians from around the world. While sitting comfortably in the auditoriums, they will closely watch, learn, interact and discuss with the world-renowned endoscopists as if they are with them in the suite. Furthermore, this precious opportunity will be given to hundreds of clinicians at the same time. From my viewpoint, live endoscopy is a beneficial, enjoyable and cost-effective learning and training experience! I have no doubt, it will become an indispensable session at the future ERS Congresses."

Dr Semra Bilaceroglu is Associate Professor of Pulmonology at the Izmir Dr Suat Seren Training and Research Hospital for Thoracic Medicine and Surgery in Turkey. She has over 10 years of experience in interventional bronchoscopy and is the President Elect of the European Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (EABIP)

Professor Fergus Gleeson, UK

Fergus Gleeson

Professor Gleeson is Professor of Radiology at the University of Oxford, a consultant radiologist, and has been performing ultrasounds since 1986. He authored the transthoracic ultrasound guidelines on physician training of the Royal College of Radiologists and has published multiple papers on the subject of thoracic ultrasound.

"It is important for those starting up to be adequately informed on the role of ultrasound, and to see its potential uses. This course will cover everything from the basics to state-of-the-art imaging and intervention."


Dr Mohammed Munavvar, UK

Mohammed Munnavvar

"I have always been fascinated by interventional pulmonology, and the diversity of this ever expanding and exciting field. I have been involved in the practice and teaching of these techniques for over 15 years. This will be a landmark event where a plethora of live procedures will be demonstrated and discussed in front of a large audience. I feel enormously privileged to be part of the faculty and I am sure it will be a tremendous learning experience for everyone involved."

Dr Mohammed Munavvar has been extensively involved in the evaluation of flexible thoracoscopy from its introduction. He has lectured widely and contributed to articles and book chapters on this topic and performed live, video-conferenced interventional pulmonology procedures, including flexible thoracoscopy in numerous workshops and courses around the world.

Dr Ioannis Psallidas, UK

ioannis psallidas"Interventional pulmonology is an area that has developed rapidly in recent years and various techniques have been added to the armamentarium of respiratory physicians. I have been interested in the field since I began my career and I strove to obtain additional training in interventions. This led to an ERS Long-Term Fellowship and an interventional fellowship in the Oxford Centre for Respiratory Medicine, UK under Dr Najib M Rahman, Dr Anny Sykes and Dr Alastair Moore. During this period I gained significant experience in endoscopic techniques and pleural training.

ERS Live Endoscopy is a unique opportunity for respiratory physicians as this is the first time live procedures will be performed and transmitted to the biggest respiratory congress. The audience will be able to understand each procedure step by step and interact with the endoscopy team. This is a huge step forward from live procedures in dedicated courses with small number of participants to live demonstration for the purposes of a congress. Regardless of their level of experience in interventions, no respiratory physician should miss this session as it will provide an update on their knowledge."

Dr Ioannis Psallidas is an Honorary Consultant and a RESPIRE2/ERS Fellow in Oxford Centre for Respiratory Medicine. He has level II competency in Thoracic Ultrasound and research interest in pleural diseases. Dr Psallidas has been extensively involved in thoracic ultrasound workshops and courses in Greece and in the UK.

Dr Najib Rahman

Rahman “I developed an interest in endoscopy as I developed a speciality interest in pleural disease. Ultrasound and endoscopic examination of the pleural cavity permits accurate and safe diagnosis and intervention for our patients. This event is both ground breaking and highly relevant to modern pulmonology practice. There are a huge variety of interventions we can now offer patients for accurate diagnosis and treatment, and ultrasound/endoscopy should be part of that armamentarium of all pulmonary physicians who treat patients with pulmonary and pleural disease. Some of these techniques are new and developing, and this event will highlight the potential advantages, limitations and rational use of such techniques for patient benefit. The gathered faculty for this event are experts in their field who will provide the evidence behind the demonstrated interventions, and demonstrate expert practice. The session is case based which is vital - this allows the techniques to be understood in the context of real clinical scenarios, making them applicable to daily practice. The “live” aspect allows real-time interaction of the chairs with the demonstrators during live cases, and live interaction with the audience, allowing relevant questions to be immediately answered."

Dr Najib Rahman is a consultant and senior lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Respiratory Medicine, Churchill Hospital, and the University of Oxford. He runs the Oxford Pleural Unit and directs the Oxford Respiratory Trials Unit, which conducts clinical research in pleural disease. Dr Rahman is trained in thoracoscopy, thoracic ultrasound and clinical trials methodology. He has published in the fields of pleural disease and thoracic ultrasound.