Respiratory championship

RespCHamp2016 Come and support the brave teams battling it out to become the Champions of Respiratory Medicine.

Watch the four teams compete in the latest review of the major fields of respiratory medicine and give it a try yourself, as the audience will be able to answer the questions by using their mobile devices. The session is an ideal preparation for those working towards the HERMES examination, and those who simply want to test their knowledge and expertise.

The teams will be presented with medical cases followed by a question, and may be illustrated with X-rays, lung function and laboratory results, pathological slides, etc.

Questions will consist of multiple choice questions, and teams will win points for every correct answer. The team with the most points at the end will be proclaimed 2019 Champions of Respiratory Medicine.

Entrance to this session is free.


  • SUNDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 13:00-14:30
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