Information for speakers, chairs, reviewers, abstract authors and case submitters


Role in Congress programme

Obligatory attendance to the session

Congress registration

Financial contribution in Euro (€)

Speakers' reception invitation

Chair/Panellist: All sessions excl. Postgraduate courses Yes

No special discount

0 No
Chair: Postgraduate course  Yes


0 No
Speaker/Discussant: Madrid based (up to 150 km)
Yes Free 300 Yes
Speaker/Discussant: based in Europe1
Yes Free 600 Yes
Speaker/Discussant: based outside of Europe Yes Free 1500 Yes
Game zone facilitator: Madrid based (up to 150 km) Yes Free 300 No
Game zone facilitator: based in Europe1
Yes Free 600 No
Game zone facilitator: based outside of Europe
Yes Free 1500 No
Abstract reviewer / Case reviewer No 50% discount to register for any day or the whole Congress2,3 0 No
Abstract author/Case presenter:Abstract in oral presentation, poster discussion, thematic poster session or case presentation in Challenging clinical cases4 Yes No special discount 0 No
Case submitter No No special discount 0 No

1 The European countries list is based on the WHO European Region list

2 50% discount based on early-bird fee (regardless of when the registration is done) and based on the category the faculty belongs to. More information on categories can be found here 

3 Abstract and case reviewers up to 40 years of age will be offered a free registration

4 Abstract author: Bursary and sponsorship notification will be sent mid-June 2019

Important notes

  • You will be asked to declare any external sponsorship or funding you receive to support your attendance at the Congress. In the case of receiving a partial or complete sponsorship for your accommodation or flight, you are no longer eligible for ERS financial support. Speakers/discussants whose participation in the Congress is fully covered by ERS (e.g. ERS officers) will not be entitled to the financial contribution mentioned above.
  • ALL speakers, discussants, chairs, panellists and presenters will have to plan their own accommodation and travel arrangements.
  • The privileges are not combined but are based on the highest role/activity of the individual.
  • Speakers involved in meet the expert sessions, postgraduate courses, skills workshops and professional development workshops are requested to provide educational materials by 30 June, 2019. They will receive an honorarium of 150 Euros for completed educational materials received.


Faculty guide

Multiple choice questions voting slides guidelines


Scientific and educational programme sessions



Meet the expert
Postgraduate course Postgraduate course
Professional development workshop Professional development workshop
Skills workshop Skills workshop
National programme session Spoken session 
Pulmonary endoscopy
Spoken session


Case-based interactive sessions

Lungs on fire*

Challenging clinical cases*

Grand round 

*General instructions-guidelines for clinical case submitters-presenters


Abstract sessions

Discussant Chairs/coordinators
Clinical trials session: ALERT
  • How to chair thematic poster and poster discussion sessions


General instructions for abstract authors


Abstract reviewer guidelines



  • Powerpoint template for speakers (except Meet the expert, Postgraduate courses, Poster discussion sessions, Professional development workshops, Skills Workshops)
  • Powerpoint template for speakers in Meet the expert, Postgraduate courses, Professional development workshop, Skills workshop

Poster and e-poster templates 

landscape format
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4

 For further information please contact 

: 50% discount based on early-bird fee (independently on when the registration is done) and based on the category the faculty belongs to