Abstract Grants

ERS offers grants to recognise excellence in different areas of respiratory medicine. You can apply for an Abstract Grant when submitting an abstract online. Check your eligibility and criteria for the grants

Further funding opportunities are available to delegates:

Grant programme Prize Financially supported by Area / topic
ERS Grant for the Best Abstract in Noninvasive Ventilatory Support 1 prize of €1,000 Breas Medical 2.2 Noninvasive Ventilatory Support

ERS Excellence Grant in Clinical Physiology and Exercise

1 prize of €1,500 MGC Diagnostics 4.1 Clinical respiratory physiology, exercise and functional imaging

ERS Grant for best Abstract in Paediatric Respiratory Physiology

1*1,000€ ndd Medical Technologies 7.1 Paediatric respiratory

ERS Grant for Best Abstract in Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis

1*1,500€ Vertex 7.3 Cystic Fibrosis

ERS Grant for Best Abstract in Paediatric Respiratory Epidemiology

1* 1,000€ Bilim Pharmaceuticals 7.6 Paediatric Respiratory Epidemiology

ERS Travel Grant for Best Abstract in Clinical Respiratory Physiology

1*1,000€ Geratherm Respiratory 9.1 Respiratory Function Technologists/Scientists
ERS Grant for Best Abstract in Bacterial Pneumonia 1 prize of €1,500 Basilea  10.1 Respiratory Infection
ERS Travel Grant for Best Abstract in Dagnostic in Respiratory Infection 1 prize of €1,000 Curetis 10.1 Respiratory Infection
ERS Best Abstract Grant for Healthy Lungs for Life 1 prize of €2,000 Healthy Lung For Life initiative (ELF) "Healthy Lungs for Life" 2017 theme is smoking cessation and prevention.
ERS/ELF Travel Grant for best abstract in Patient Centered Research 2 prizes of €1,500 ELF/ERS more information