ERS Educational Award 2019

Professor Philippe Camus

Educational Award Philippe CamusFull professor and consulting physician at the University of Burgundy and the University Medical Center in Dijon.

After attending Medical School in Dijon, Prof. Camus completed further medical training at universities in Freiburg im Breisgau in West Germany, Poitiers in France, Quebec in Canada, and Jackson in the US. Upon his return to France, he joined the University of Burgundy in the capacity of Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine. There, Prof. Camus served as Head of the Department of Pulmonary and Intensive Care between 1998 and 2014, and he has been a Full Professor since 1998.

Prof. Camus' scientific work has been prolific with over 70 publications. Since 1997, he has also shared his interest in drug-induced lung and respiratory disease with colleagues from all over the word through the Pneumotox website. In 1997, this project made available information on 400 drugs known to damage the lung. Reaching an average of 300 daily users, nowadays the Pneumotox website lists over 1500 similar drugs and compiles literature on more than 600 patterns of drug-induced involvement.

Thanks to two different ERS grants, the Pneumotox has become more accessible through mobile phones and tablets. By disseminating the ever-increasing wealth of scientific knowledge in drug-induced lung and respiratory disease, Prof. Camus has made an extraordinary contribution to education in respiratory medicine.

The ERS Educational Award will be presented during the Opening Session, taking place on Saturday 28 September, 2019 from 17.45 in Room 8B.