ELF Patient organisation programme

The European Lung Foundation (ELF) brings together patients and the public with respiratory professionals to positively influence lung health. ELF works all year round with a network of national and European patient organisations who take part in the ERS International Congress.

The aim of having patient organisations at Congress is to:

  • Present the patient perspective in scientific and educational sessions
  • Promote the role of patient organisations
  • Strengthen the European community of respiratory patient organisations
  • Encourage professionals to engage with patient organisations
  • Promote the wider participation of patients and patient organisations in healthcare worldwide

Patient organisations from across Europe will be located in Hall 9 alongside the ELF stand, and are involved in activities taking place at Congress.

The ELF and Healthy Lungs for Life stand

The ELF and Healthy Lungs for Life stand is located in Hall 9. ELF staff members and patient organisation representatives will be available to talk to.

ELF has put together a varied programme of events that are relevant and interesting for people with lung conditions. See below for details.

ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day (registration now closed)

ELF will hold its annual patient organisation networking day in collaboration with the ERS International Congress. The theme for this year is 'Patient Organisations 2030!' with speakers, posters and discussions aiming to help patient organisations develop and achieve their visions for the future. The day will provide patient organisations with the opportunity to learn, share expertise and ideas, and build new collaborations.

The event will be held on Saturday, 28 September, 11:15 – 17:30, at IFEMA congress centre in Madrid. It is for members of the ELF patient organisation network and is free to attend.

Download the provisional ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day 2019 programme


Patient track: Scientific and educational sessions




Session title and location

Session type

Patient role

28.09.2019 09:30-11:30 Part 1: Prevention and management of respiratory infections in primary care - Room N103 Primary care session  
29.09.2019 08:30-10:30 Effects of pulmonary rehabilitation other than improving exercise capacity - Room 9A Symposium Patient speaker - Matt Cullen
29.09.2019 08:30-10:30 Severe asthma guidelines: update 2019 - Room 7A Guidelines session  
29.09.2019 08:30-10:30 Diagnosis and assessment of airways diseases in primary care - Room 9B Oral presentation  
29.09.2019 08:30-10:30 Breathing disorders, cardiovascular disease and pulmonary embolism guidelines - Room 9F Symposium  
29.09.2019 10:45-12:45 New horizons for pharmacotherapy of sleep-disordered breathing: from bench to bedside - Room 9A Hot topics  
29.09.2019 14:45-16:45 The added value of allied healthcare professionals in integrated respiratory care - Room 8A Symposium Patient speaker - Bill Mansell
29.09.2019 14:45-16:45 Future of cystic fibrosis care: insights from the Lancet Commission - Room 9D Symposium  
29.09.2019 14:45-16:45 NELSON: the Trafalgar of lung cancer screening? - Room 9A Symposium Patient speaker - Steve Jones
29.09.2019 14:45-16:45 New trends in the management of pulmonary vascular disease - Room 7A Hot topics  
30.09.2019 08:30-10:30 European guidelines for malignant pleural mesothelioma management in 2019 - Room 8C Guidelines session  
30.09.2019 10:45-12:45 Clinical Grand Round - Room 8B Grand Round  
30.09.2019 10:45-12:45 Tracheobronchomalacia in children - 9C Hot topics  
30.09.2019 10:45-12:45 New recommendations and priorities for asthma management - 9A Hot topics  
30.09.2019 13:00-14:30 Patient forum - Room RETIRO -- Patient speaker (Isabel Saraiva)
30.09.2019 14:45-16:45 Therapeutic breakthrough: Year in review - Room 8C Year in review  
30.09.2019 14:45-16:45 Molecular profiling and personalised treatment concepts in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: pertinent clinical dilemmas - Room 9A Symposium  
01.10.2019 08:30-10:30 State-of-the-art session: Interstitial lung diseases - Room 7A Symposium  
01.10.2019 08:30-10:30 Rare lung diseases - Room 8C Symposium  
01.10.2019 08:30-10:30 Guidelines for long-term management of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in children - Room 9A Guidelines session Patient speaker - Stijn Gremmen
01.10.2019 08:30-10:30 Multidrug resistance in nosocomial pneumonia: burden, magnitude and solution - Room 9E Hot topics  
01.10.2019 14:45-16:45 New clinical practice guidelines for chronic cough - Room 9E Guidelines session  
01.10.2019 14:45-16:45 Is your patient dying from air pollution? - Room 9F Hot topics Patient chair (Isabel Saraiva)
01.10.2019 14:45-16:45 Occupational and epidemiology Grand Round - Room 9A Grand Round  
01.10.2019 14:45-16:45 High-tech in interstitial lung diseases: just hype and gadgets? - Room 8C Hot topics  
02.10.2019 08:30-10:30 Guidelines for long-term non-invasive ventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - Room 9F Guidelines session  
02.10.2019 08:30-10:30 Vaccines against respiratory infections - Room 7A Hot topics  
02.10.2019 08:30-10:30 Management of airway diseases in primary care - 6F Oral presentation  
02.10.2019 10:45-12:45 E-cigarettes and heated tobacco: a blessing or a curse? The latest scientific update - Room 9C Symposium  
02.10.2019 10:45-12:45  Respiratory infections: prevention is better than cure - Room 9E Symposium