Scientific Grants and Sponsored Delegates

Abstract Winners 2019

ERS offers grants to recognise excellence in different areas of respiratory medicine based on abstract submissions. See the full list of abstract grant awardees:

ERS/ELF Travel Grant for Best Abstract in Patient Centered Research
Financially supported by ELF
Two prizes of €1,500
  • Helle Marie Christensen (Denmark) - 'What do patients want in an asthma app?'
  • Masashi Kanezaki (Japan) - 'Effect of olfactory stimulation by L-menthol on sensory and affective dimension of dyspnea during inspiratory resistive loaded breathing in COPD'

ERS Best Abstract Grant for Healthy Lungs for Life
Financially supported by ELF
One prize of €2,000

  • Norrice Liu (UK) - 'The potential for air purification to reduce children's overall pollution exposure'

ERS Best Abstract Grant in Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Chronic Care
Financially supported by Linde Medical
One prize of €1,000

  • Jessica A. Walsh (UK) - 'Gait speed and mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)'

ERS Grant for Best Abstract in Noninvasive Ventilatory Support for Chronic Lung Diseases
Financially supported by Breas Medical
One prize of €1,000

  • Roberto Tonelli (Italy) - 'Role of lung elastance on diaphragmatic dysfunction in exacerbated COPD patients who failed NIV'

ERS Young Investigator Abstract Grant in Lung Transplantation
Financially supported by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
One prize of €1,000

  • Mariann Ulvestad (Norway) - 'Effect of high intensity training after lung transplantation'

Excellence Grant in Clinical Physiology and Exercise
Financially supported by MGC Diagnostics
One prize of €1,500

  • Marilyne Brault (Canada) - 'Predictive value of positional change in vital capacity to identify diaphragm dysfunction'

Grants for Best Abstracts in Allied Health Professionals
Financially supported by MGC Diagnostics
Two prizes of €1,000

  • Matthew Austin (UK) - 'Validation of nitric oxide transfer factor predicted equations'
  • Maria Antonia Ramon (Spain) - 'Barriers to and enablers of physical activity following a hospitalisation for COPD exacerbation'

ERS Grant for Best Abstract in Sleep Respiratory Medicine
Financially supported by Nox Medical
One prize of €1,000

  • Eva Lindberg (Sweden) - 'Severe sleep apnea during REM sleep is associated with decreased levels of anti-inflammatory proteins - A proteomic approach to study the impact of sleep-disordered breathing'

ERS Grant for Best Abstract in Physiotherapy
Financially supported by POWERbreathe
One prize of €1,000

  • Vinicius Cavalheri (Australia) - 'Exercise training in people following surgery for non-small cell lung cancer: a Cochrane systematic review'

ERS Grant for Best Abstract in Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis
Financially supported by Vertex
One prize of €1,500

  • Laurie Smith (UK) - '1H and 129Xe MRI to detect functional and structural lung disease in sub-clinical cystic fibrosis'

ERS Interventional Pulmonology Grant
Financially supported by Olympus
Two prizes of €1,000

  • Justin Garner (UK) - 'Safety and feasibility of metered cryospray for patients with chronic bronchitis in COPD: 9 month results'
  • Jorine E. Hartman (Netherlands) - 'Mechanisms of action of endobronchial coil treatment'

Lung Science Conference 2019: Grant Winners

From the 17th Lung Science Conference: 'Mechanisms of Acute Exacerbation of Respiratory Disease' - 7–10 March, 2019 in Estoril, Portugal.

The William MacNee Award

  • Hannelore Van Eeckhoutte (Belgium) - 'Role of necroptosis in the pathogenesis of COPD'

Best Oral Presentation Award

  • Matthew Loxham (UK) - 'Novel cellular effects of ultrafine particulate matter from an underground railway station uncovered through RNAseq'

These abstracts will be presented on 29 September, 2019 from 08.30 in Room 6E during the symposium 'Mechanisms of acute exacerbation of respiratory disease'.

Sponsored Delegates

ERS Young Scientists

ERS is pleased to support a limited number of young scientists to attend the ERS International Congress. The ERS Young Scientist sponsorship is intended for young scientists from all countries who are non-medical doctors, and who would not normally receive support from pharmaceutical companies to attend the Congress.

Tessa Schneeberger, Elizabeth Azzi, Denise Mannée, Emeline Fresnel, Lili Guan, Nuria Roldan, Gimano Amatngalim, Alexandra Pincus, Susan Fitzpatrick, Vincent Cabibel, Michael Furian, Alina Ofenheimer, Sara Jane Bonvini, Job J.M.H. van Bragt, Ping Huang, Katherine Landwehr, Guo-Qiang Zhang, Kathrine Pape, Gabriela P. Peralta, Lakshanie Wickramasinghe, Soriah Harvey, Dimitrios Magouliotis, Marina Barusso-Grüninger, Zeynep Pelin Dündar, Astrid Blondeel, Beatriz Herrero Cortina, Kseniia Bielosludtseva, Micheál Mac Aogáin, Nikolaos I. Kanellakis, Rhys Hamon, Kaat Dekoster, Olaia Bronte Moreno, Magdalena Wujak, Denielli Da Silva Goncalves Bos, James Eaden, Samuel Richardson

ERS Congress sponsorships

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available to the submitting author of an accepted abstract coming from Eastern, Central European and developing countries. The sponsorships are awarded by the Programme Committee depending on the country of origin, the quality of the abstract and the explanation of how the sponsorship will benefit each author.

Malvina Hoxha, Abdelbassat Ketfi, Vanesa Romina Ruiz, Rahul Sethi, Katsiaryna Serhiyenka, Gaki Nima, Edin Jusufovic, Larissa Emidio de França Silva, Mayra Caleffi Pereira, Thiago Fernandes Pinto, Auriléia Aparecida De Brito Léia, Cintia Laura de Araujo, Diego Britto Ribeiro, Juliana Dias Lourenço, Murillo Frazão de Lima e Costa, Thamyres Spositon, Isis Grigoletto Silva, Lavinia Clara Del Roio, Dimo Dimov, Lian Liu, Yang Zhou, Melissa Silva-Medina Weil, Anita Somborac Bačura, Duaa Thabet, Hady Atef, Mohamed Abdelghany, Gergely H. Fodor, Apoorva Narain, Gopal Chawla, Mohit Aggarwal, Nagesh Dhadge, Prasun Haldar, Ritika Chhawchharia, Saikat Banerjee, Smriti Debnath, Yogesh Thorat, Antonia Saktiawati, Nazanin Farahbakhsh, Abdel-Hameed Al-Mistarehi, Denis Vinnikov, Samatbek Satybaldyev, Ieva Janulaityte, Monika Tushevska Mitkovska, Sze Shyang Kho, Carla Paola Sanchez Rios, Eugeniu Cotelea, Nnamdi Nwosu, Nousheen Iqbal, Carla Emille Barbon, Adam Szpechciński, Elżbieta Rutkowska, Aleksandra Rybka, Marek Piprek, Oana Elena Rohozneanu, Andrey Lintsov, Angelina Suleymanova, Anna Klinnikova, Elizaveta Sheludko, Igor Mamenko, Nina Denisova, Olga Semernik, Aleksandra Divac Rankov, Pavol Pobeha, Marina Praprotnik, Narumol Luekitinun, Houda Rouis, Ines Laouini, Emna Ben Jemia, Mohamed Ghofrane Jaffel, Reshed Abohalaka, Naciye Vardar Yağlı, Haluk Tekerlek, Ilkcemre Çam, Özge Can Bostan, Jale Çatak, Gökçen Ömeroğlu Şimşek, Ayşenur Yilmaz, Orçin Telli Atalay, Güntug Batihan, Merve Fırat, Sezen Ulusoy, Furkan Özdemir, Olha Shvaratska, Vitalii Poberezhets, Olga Nesterovska, Viktoriia Batashova-Halinska, Kiarina Chichirelo-Konstantynovych, Anna Kovchun, Sanajr Sultanov, Phuong Nguyen Thi Kim